About Me

I compose music in whatever style and genre is dictated by the director or project leads. My philosophy in music is twofold. First, it has to be a fun experience. I enjoy working with people who are motivated to produce a quality product while having some fun. Secondly, it has to be right. My job to is to make the right music for the project. If the director is unhappy, then I haven’t done my job. I will start over from scratch to make sure a job is done correctly.

Employment History / Credits


  • Princess Zolara – Armand Villavert, Director
  • Carni-Fatale – Tony Harper, Director
  • NTDM Campaign – Harkins Theatres


  • Of Sisters and Secrets – Heather Cummings, Writer


  • Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey – Risen Phoenix Game Studios
  • Lost Medallion – Retora Game Studios
  • Exsto-Defender – Shadow Rule Project
  • The Afflicted – Carbon Made Games
  • Hello Color – Retora Game Studios
  • Fireball – Real Dedicated Games
  • Shadow Rule – Shadow Rule Project


  • Bachelors in Arts in Music Composition for Film, TV and Games – Berklee School of Music – [anticipated] 2017
  • Masters in Business Administration – University of Phoenix – 2005
  • Bachelors in Arts in Photography – Drexel University – 2002

Other Skills / Additional Information

  • Classical Music Training in: Baritone & Tenor Saxophone; Treble, Bass, & Viola Clef; Tablature and Modern Staff Notation; Counterpoint; Harmony, Arranging; Orchestration
  • Sibelius; Digital Performer; Kontakt; Reaper; East-West Quantum Leap; Native Instruments
  • Expert PC & MAC User; M-Audio; Tascam; Bose; KRK; Novation; Presonus

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