My name is Mark Gonzalez, and I compose music for film, television and video games. I believe that music is a fundamental right to those of you who like to enjoy interactive and visual media. Music deepens the appreciation and message of each of these media and helps to immerse you, the audience, into the vision. Music heightens awareness or strengthens bonds. It sets mood, foreshadows and can even convey the unspoken thoughts of main characters. My goal is to make the music that helps you fall in love or helps you to hate the villain. I want to write the music that warns you that a boss approaches or that the teenage main character is about to have his heart broken.

It’s no easy feat: sound into connection.

I begin my creative process by diving into my memories of what I’m trying to convey. If I’m conveying anger, I research my own memories of movies and television and personal events that included anger. What does “anger” sound like, for instance? It’s loud, sharp and dissonant. It doesn’t follow convention and it bowls over everything in its path. Anger is a force to be reckoned with; it’s music needs to be as well.

I repeat this process for every song cue, every need, every emotion. Whatever is on the screen is telling you something. This vision is a lie that the director wants you to believe and that you willingly suspend disbelief in order to believe. The music I create must be true to this vision and help you to dive wholeheartedly into the imaginary world that you’ve come to explore. We all imagine together and create a truth that you can enjoy.

We connect in this way, my music, the director’s vision and your investment in the work. Maybe you are playing your favorite game for the 1,000th time or watching the season finale of your favorite show or on your first date with the person that you’re going to marry. It is my dream, my passion and my privilege to create the music that connects you to these moments that you will remember for a good long time.


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