Press Release


June 26th, 2015
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Original Music Composition

Local: Arizona  
: USA & UK

Mark P Gonzalez, ASCAP, Berklee School of Music alum, is opening up his music composition studio for visual media. Add music and sound to your film, series or game in nearly any style, including classical, electronica, rock, acoustic and more. Music is the emotional backbone to a project, so you need to be sure that your composer takes the time to fully understand your vision, like Mark P Gonzalez. From the overarching theme to the most minute of details, Mark will map out the aural landscape to your satisfaction. As an added benefit to the grand opening, the studio will be taking on the first 4 clients for free and the next 4 at half price.

Cameron Crowe, director (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous), says about music and film that “the best [music] bypasses your mind and goes straight to your soul.” Film and games suspend disbelief, becoming immersive experiences, and music is the glue that makes this work. Mark P Gonzalez composes evocative music that speaks to emotions, strengthening the bond between audience and director.

He starts with several lengthy conversations regarding style, directions and vision. Next, he will view or play the work to become intimately familiar with it. Then and only then does Mark start pushing the notes around; your notes. As the music takes shape, communication is key to ensure direction and effect are on the desired trajectory. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

All music is composed electronically and recorded with high quality recorded instruments and samples. A professional mock-up of the themes and supporting music can be produced in as little as a week and the complete soundtrack can be delivered on the timeline that best fits the project. Final deliverables can be produced electronically or recorded live.


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