Scoring a Podcast Theme

I take many different approaches to writing music. I typically use the method that is going to be the most efficient way to deliver the product that my client wants, needs, and is happy with. Sometimes that means a Skype call, and other times it’s 5-10 emails a day. I tend to over communicate and keep the client in the process the entire time. I like to know that we are on the right path and moving toward a mutually successful track. We both win.

That being said, I’ve never really had an experience like I had last night. My brother, J.Gonzo, is a multi-talented artist who has is branching out to the podcast realm. He’s putting together an editorial / review type show and he needs some theme music. We’ve been trying to connect for weeks and last night we finally had time to do it.

Here I am, Pushing the Notes Around


He grabbed one of my guitars and started working on licks and basslines to feed me. I transposed his ideas into the 5/4 time signature that he wanted and we were off. Over the next few hours we cranked out a 20ish second draft of his theme. His ideas and direction, both in real-time, helped me to forge a piece of music that I doubt I would have been able to do otherwise. It’s still me, musically, but it’s also not me. Still in the very early stages of composition and production, I’m sure this track is going to be one of my favorites when it’s done. It’s jazz, driving, fun and serious.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. And as soon as I get the ok, I’ll share the song, too!

Thanks for reading.


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