A New Song

I say things like, “I haven’t written anything in forever”. But I don’t really mean it. What I really mean is that I haven’t sat down at the computer, turned on Sibelius and composed a song from beginning to end. What I’m not saying is that I’ve been practicing guitar and piano and tinkering around with melodies on both. And while I have nothing that I would feel comfortable sharing, I have in fact added a few tunes to my library.

On the other hand, I have actually written a short song in the aforementioned requisite format for me to consider it “writing a song”. It’s a short track that I wrote while showing off for someone. She was appropriately mystified at my gift of music. Truth be told, I was too. It was composed without editing or correction of any type, save 2 measures. There is something about writing a song out like this that creates an unearned yet undeniably strong attachment.

Melancholy in C Minor


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