Heavy Lifting: Complete

Princess Zolara continues to keep me on my toes. I spent most of the morning working on completing the first mix. In my last blog I talked about the intricacies of mixing, ie taking the score from midi to music. The conversion process can be tedious, especially on a score this size, (over 20 instruments). I’m coasting on momentum at this point. 2 full days of clicking, selecting, opening and closing dialogue boxes and folders, tweaking volumes and doing it all over as more instruments add noise pollution. There’s times when it’s been extremely arduous, but this time is not among those dread sessions. I’m having fun still; again!

I feel really rusty, having worked on much smaller musics for the last several months. It is a lot like muscle confusion, only the muscle I’m confusing is my brain. I suppose that’s just plain old confusion. Umm…

Here’s the latest. I hope it makes you smile, too.

Play Me –> Princess Zolara Mix 02.wav


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