Princess Zolara – Main Theme

It’s amazing what a little excitement can do to get you back on track. This movie project really has me in a creative mood. It isn’t easy, and it’s not the enemy (inspiration). It’s work, but it’s the kind of work that I remember. Fun. I’m creating something that I know I’ll be proud of. I’m already very fond of the work, and not just in the “I fall in love with my current projects” way. I really think it’s some of my  best work.

I have had very little source material. Armand has talked with me often about the direction and vision, but visuals and script haven’t been a part of my process this time. Armand has given me the style and musical concept that he wants the score to represent, and my first draft confirmed that we are completely on the same wavelength. He unabashedly liked it. He shouted (via FB Messenger) accolades for the song.

His excitement fuels my creativity and I work more everyday to finish and polish. I’m barely finishing the first draft of orchestrations, and already I love it. There will be further edits once I put release my 1.0 version of the song, I’m sure. And as I continue to score the first, (and on to the remain 4-5 episodes), I will be working with more variations and explore more deeply the world in which the music lives. For now though, I really like the concept and the spirit of adventure that lies within.

I’ve included the first 3 drafts in this post, kind of as a continuation, albeit a tangential one, of my recent exploration of process posts. I am not going to say much about each one in this post, perhaps later. The music itself gives a clear enough picture of my process. The way I flesh out and develop elements, how I create dissonance and resonance and even the supportive and supplemental pieces can be heard being developed from one part to the next. Keep listening until the final chord on v.03 for a surprise. Foreshadowing, one might say.


Princess Zolara v0.1

Princess Zolara v0.2

Princess Zolara v0.3

*mixing to come soon! Forgive the midi for now.



  1. Daniel Levitch · April 25, 2012

    Awesome, man. Way to knock it out of the park :]
    -Daniel Levitch

    • Mark Gonzalez · April 25, 2012

      Thanks! I’ll be posting more of this soon. I can’t wait to hear it with some high quality instruments.

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