Plans are Funny

Things never turn out the way you expect. And that’s from day to day. Imagine how different our lives will end up being? I can’t predict from yesterday what will happen today. Why do we think we can make 5-year-plans? Or even 5 months plans. Every day is different from the last and different from our imperfect predictions. Plans.

Obviously, I missed a few days with the last song. I didn’t get to it. I was going to come on today and say, “I took the weekend off and now I’m back…” But who am I lying to, if not myself. Ah well. I didn’t follow through on my own project. Figures. I’m the easiest person in the world for me to lie to. And it looks like I did it again. But all isn’t lost.

Sure, I didn’t finish my piano piece. I can use that disappointment to derail me. it would be easy enough. But instead, I used it to get busy elsewhere. After talking with my friend and colleague, Armand Villavert, we reached a decision to bring me on board as official composer. And I’m extremely excited about it. The style, purpose and scale of the work is perfect for what I want to do musically right now. Armand is a brilliant artist and I wait with eager anticipation to see it translated to video. And I get to a apart of the journey! I don’t now much about the project, other than it is a space-age short. And there’s the poster to the left. Now you know about as much as I know.

I’ll post more about the project as I know more. We’re planning to screen it at this year’s Phoenix Comicon Film Festival. I hope you can all make it.

More to come.


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