Day 1: Untitled 4-11.1

I didn’t get to work on this as much as I wanted. But I did make a point to sit down and work on it, despite that it was highly inconvenient to find the time today.

Most of the work was done in the first 60 seconds of the track. I worked on the repetitiveness of the first section by developing the theme a bit. It still has a ways to go, but you can hear the difference in the second measure. There are a few more notes and some new melodic elements as well as some flourishes that were not there before. Overall, the intro section still has the same feeling and communicates the same idea, it just does it a bit differently now. It’s a bit more developed and is closer to music as opposed to a simple melody.

Click to play track -> Untitled 4-11.1

I also worked on phrasing.  This is harder to notice, especially with the program that I use. (The playback isn’t very precise, as the program is designed more for composition and less for mixing/production. But that’s another matter altogether.) The most notable difference is the adding of slurs and pedals. What this accomplishes is an increased reverberation of the notes played and in this case a heightened amount of dissonance. Not enough dissonance to be uncomfortable, but it does allow for a small build up and release. And the resolution has more impact when we resolve from varying levels of chaos. “Without dark, there is no light.”

And lastly, I changed a lot visually. When a musician plays a song, or learns a song, he/she reads it. They look at a page and see the notes and translate that into white and black keys and rhythms and what finger goes where and how quickly or slowly and so on. There are often many ways to represent the same thing on the page. Piano can be especially complex, too, as it is a type of instrument where more than 1 note can be played at once. And to add to it, there’s 2 lines of information, usually one for each hand. It compounds on itself and can get really complicated really fast. I’m not Chopin and the song isn’t complicated to the nth degree, but it can be interpreted and written a number of ways. I will probably continue to tweak it until the day I put my stamp on it.

I hope tomorrow comes with more time to work on it. I need to make some sweeping changes soon. I have transitions to write and themes to develop and….


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