Here it Comes

2012 is days away. Christmas is over. Most of my projects are finished, albeit preliminarily.

Retora Studios Portfolio ↓


Fireball* Original Soundtrack ↓


Merchant is still in production and will be for quite some time. We have quite a bit more music, but are moving much more cautiously and as such have not mixed any of it yet. We’re also focusing on making the music more thematic. The music will have game elements to which it is “attached” and when ever one exists, so does the other. The example that I’ve been using is Fire. If fire has a theme, then every time fire exists in the game, be it the element part of an item or weapon or as a reference to a character, the theme will play. This makes the process conversely harder and easier at the same time. First, we’ll need more variations, which can be tedious work. It’s also more work for the coders who will have to ensure that every instance has a cue. However, by using a few themes the process of creating a unified and complete soundtrack becomes easier. The ear is more easily trained to the similar themes and the work as a whole is more cohesive, because we are using the same music over again, just in different ways. We move forward, with some trepidation, but always forward.

There’s more work to do as well. More games. More networking. More growth. I don’t ascribe to the new year philosophy. I don’t make resolutions and I don’t think of the new year as a good time to start over. It is a convenient way to keep track though. I can go back and assess what I’ve accomplished and set goals for the future. 2011 was better than 2010 and 2012 will be better than 2011. And 2013 and so on. As long as I keep moving forward. Keep moving forward.


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