Shaping Up

Wow. It’s been a crazy few weeks. I was part of a team that pitched it’s game to UAT for the oppurtunity to represent them at the GDC, my team (Double Veh) picked up another game, and in non-music news I am the newly appointed Anime Project Manager for Phoenix Comicon 2012.

I haven’t updated recently, and all that miscellany above is why. As my friend Brian says, “I’m running around with my head cut off like a chicken”.  Every day seems to be filled with more and more, and I’m loving it.

First, I presented, with the rest of the Merchant Team, to the University of Advancing Technology. We officially announced this game. You can visit the game site, (and vote for us), here. Merchant is a tycoon-style game based in the land of RPG. Instead of the hero, you play the shop merchant. Instead of taking missions, you give them. It’s a lot of conventional game concepts turned upside down and it is a lot of fun. We’re a few months away from beta, but the game showed well at the presentations. Our teaser trailer was the only one of it’s kind in the presentations and had an amazing sountrack composed and mixed by J. Michael St. Clair.

As you can here, the musical direction we’re headed is much different than the original concept of medieval dances. We’re focusing on keeping the idea of adventure alive while ensuring that the music plays less of a central role in the game. The trailer is a good representation of the style we’ll use to do this. Of course, the in-game music will be somewhat subdued as compared to the trailer, which serves a completely different purpose. I’ve just started on the in-game music but it is coming much more naturally now that we’ve got a good hold on the concept and some good momentum. Here’s the new concept in action, in the form of an overture.

Onto the new game. Being in audio and having multiple composers affords us the rare opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously. We’re all good at certain things, and we can cover each other, and challenge each other when we need to. This enables us to do more and at a higher level of quality. That being said, Double Veh met with two other developers recently. And are lucky to have landed The Afflicted. There is a small amount of audio already done for this game, but we’re really excited about starting work on this massive project. In lieu of continuous audio and game tracks, the Afflicted focuses more on musical cues and situational audio to heighten intense moments and not to detract from overall game play.

We are also in talks with another game project, but have nothing concrete to report yet. It does look good though.

And lastly, Anime Programming Manager. This position is a dream come true for me. I am fanatically passionate about anime and eastern culture and I am honored to be able to organize and represent the community for the more than 30,000 attendees at 2012’s Phoenix Comicon. With my background in music and composition, I hope to be able to accentuate the important role that music plays within this art form and culture. You won’t have to look for the musical content at this year’s event; it will be everywhere. More than this though, we’ll have panels and guests and screenings and community outreach and more. I hope to see you all there.

Hopefully this is just the start of an amazing 2012. I know that that’s what it feels like to me.


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