Work, Work, Work!

I’m not complaining. But man oh man, I’ve been busy. Yesterday was spent almost completely in Sibelius reworking Theme 2, which will soon have a real title. I’ve been embellishing, composing new motifs and creating major variations on this theme. The idea is to make a long track with varying musical ideas so that the ear doesn’t get tired and the player doesn’t get bored. Another thing we try to do is make the loop as unpredictable as possible, so that one can only predict when it’s coming after many listens.

Also, I’ve gotten to listen to the first round of orchestrations from J. Michael St. Clair. And if it wasn’t obvious how excited I was before to be working with him, let me remove all doubt. They are fantastic. Not only did he build on the world I created his flawless read of the piece has helped to make it even lighter and more robust at the same time. No easy feat. I can’t wait to post the progress. Check back in a few days to be sure to not miss them.

Today means more work. My goal is to finish each of the 7 songs I have already by two weeks from today and get started on new songs, 1 or two at a time after that. We should be done with a bulk of the composing and orchestration by late January. Which affords us two+ months to arrange, sequence and mix.

It sounds like I may need to make a schedule…


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