The Track List

I got the object of my heart’s desire today: A track list for my [unannounced] project. It was fairly sparse in its descriptions but was easy enough to expand into a real checklist of what needs to be done. At my best estimation, I have approximately 10 more themes to create and 16 more songs to derive from said themes. And the deadline is March.

This doesn’t sound impossible. Contrarily, considering my turnaround time until now, it seems like plenty of time. The hitch comes in when we consider the scope of this music. It is largely fully orchestrated and needs to be thematic from 1 track to the next. If I could just crank out 16 songs while not considering how each relates to the next, then I could easily finish all this music by January. But this project all needs to exist in a single musical realm; which makes it harder.

Another thing to note is that each location is thematic as well. For instance, we may be in a city with a strong Fire based element to it and another that has huge industry. While another may have Fire yet be artistic or cleric. The merging of dissimilar themes can be tedious at best. March is now looking sooner and sooner.

I have enlisted the help of J. Michael St. Clair for orchestration and arrangement, (and additional themes and motifs where needed), which is a huge relief. This means that I can focus on composition. I know that we’ll finish and deliver a great product in the end, but knowing that does very little to assuage my anxiety.


One comment

  1. Side Yard Flock · May 3, 2012

    Wow. It is so impressive to read how this whole thing has taken off for you!

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