I’m Back

Sorry for the long silence.

I made a list sometime back. I was proud of my list. It helped me to be focused on my numerous projects. But, recently I was talking to a friend and about all the projects I’m on and it occurred to me: this list I made is not so complete. So here’s the real list.

3 games with Retora Studios

1 game with Real Dedicated (Possibly 2)

2 entries to IGF 

2 collaboration projects (1 full length/1 ep length)

1 game with [unannounced]

1 song for Harkins Theatres

1 game with the Shadowrule Project

1 upcoming game jam

I’m currently prospecting to do more, too. Some of the larger (unannounced, Shadowrule, Harkins) projects have long periods of little or no activity and I am looking to supplement this with smaller projects I can squeeze in to my schedule.

Today though, I think I’ll focus more heavily on unannounced and crank out some more music for this game, which is massive. It’s not an RPG, but the amount of music I’m making for it is on the same level. I already have 8 or so songs running approximately 20 minutes. I’m barely 1/4 done, and given that I have until March to finish it, I may be closer to 1/8 done. There are many rewarding aspects to this project, but the best part is that I love the music that is coming out of it.

There have certainly been setbacks here and there, but ultimately I’m moving in the right direction and much more quickly than I had anticipated. As I pick up new projects and games I’m more confident, more reassured and more certain that my future looks as I envisioned it when I started this journey.


One comment

  1. Muuurgh · November 1, 2011


    I’m digging your tracks. Love the section at 0:49 in the first example, and wish that you kept running with the woodwinds-over-romping-tuba idea. The second one is cool, too… sounds like you improvised the whole thing over the riff in the background, which is neat because that kind of chaos adds to the creepy minor vibe. I think I’ll backlog for a while and see what else you’ve done with your writing and the concept of your blog. Also, I hope you’ll check mine out, too–I just got started, but have been rolling steady so far.

    – Greg

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