October 30th is just around the corner. Aside from this being my daughter’s 4th birthday, it is the submission date for the IGF Student division and some other deadlines to boot. The IGF is exciting because I worked on 2 games that are submitting. A win could mean a huge step forward as far as exposure. But Competitions being what they are, I remain cautiously optimistic.

I’m really excited, however, about the deadlines. 2 more projects will be done. For a while at least. This allows me to take a breather and focus more energy on projects that are larger in scale and whose deadlines are much further out. Projects I’m excited about losing myself in.


Like I say, I fall in love with whatever I’m working on in the moment, and this is next, so the romance of starting it is killing me. There are so many possibilities, but epic it will be.


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