Feast or Famine

Today is feast. Yesterday was famine, (as were the dozen or so days before it.) I have the same number of projects going on today as I did yesterday, but yesterday I had zero pressing assignments to start. I had no songs that needed to be written. Today I have three, and all of very different purpose, style and execution.

First, I need an ambient chill song for Hello Color. I need two actually, and by October 31st, but I will start with one. This track won’t give me much trouble, so I hope, as I have already established a “template” for this game. I know what it should sound and feel like, I know that it needs to be approximately 5 minutes long and I already have the instruments set up and tweaked to my liking. And to boot, I started it last night. I’m 2 minutes into it and it’s going well.

Second, I have a side project that I’m tearing through right now. It is extremely time-consuming for me. I’ve written a large chunk of the music already and what I’m doing presently is re-mixing the music in my high quality instruments and changing the score into a performance. What this means, is that I have to replace all 21 instruments with 21 new samples (or more since I use a good amount of muti– or keyswitch instruments. I then get to scour through 200 measure times 21 instruments to tweak performance for every note. I add hairpins, accents, expression and technique and then I tell the computer how to interpret each one. It takes many hours and is profoundly tedious. The good news is that the music is mostly written and this work is relatively mindless and technical.

Lastly, and this one has me all fired up!, is for my super-secret project. I got more direction from my lead and I’m ready to really get started on this one. The direction I received was a one word declarative for the overall size of the piece. He told me “Epic”. He’s familiar enough with my work to know what he’s asking, so he’s really in for it. Epic, I can do. I’ve been pulling back a lot with the tracks I’ve already written to make sure they weren’t too big. Now, it seems, that I have carte blanche to get as epic and crazy as I want. Standby. I wish the songs were all done so that I could share them immediately, but I have until March to make this OST my most epic to date. I’m going to take my time. (Or more likely, try to.)

I have 3 deliverables for 6 projects. I suppose I should count myself lucky. Having 6 current projects alone should be enough to call myself lucky. I am lucky. No supposing.


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