I Made a List

My work has multiplied. It seems like just yesterday I was writing tracks like Slow Bleed and I Don’t for myself and the 3 other people who listened to them. I used scratch my head and wonder, “what am I going to do with this music? Can I do this forever?” I thought that my music…I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with my music.

Fast forward to a bar-b-q with friends, an casual conversation about a game in development, and an offhand remark that maybe I could give it a shot. Here is the main title track from that project. It’s still one of my favorites.

Then someone asked me to score the television show he’s developing.

There was a second game.

And another and another. Pretty soon it was hard to keep all the projects and offers straight. So I made a list. I divided all my projects into 3 categories: Current / Upcoming / Finished. Yesterday I would think of a project and my mind would spin up a predictable and confusing jumble of ideas that it meant. Today, I know that I have 6 current, 3 upcoming and 5 finished projects. Easy Peasy.

It’s really nice to get organized like this. Now I can think, “The best project is a finished project,” and know that it means Hello Color or Destination. I can get excited about current projects and file ideas I hear throughout the day in the neatly organized roladex in my brains. And I can put upcoming things aside if I don’t need to worry about them. It was a simple task in execution but far reaching in its impact on my mental well-being.

Maybe I’m organized enough to start back up on Counterpoint and Cubase?


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