The Universal Language

As I gain more “followers” for my music, I’m surprised by how diverse my audience appears to be. Admittedly, I’m only starting to network and have not had much time to build a large audience. But the 50 or so followers that I have are from diverse locations including England, Norway, Bulgaria, Australia, Germany, France and others. I haven’t had the urge to track them all down and compile a complete list, but it’s still pretty cool. People all over the world listen to and enjoy my music.

What’s more surprising is how much of this foreign music I mutually enjoy. I’ve heard sounds that I didn’t know existed and music that I could never imagine. And I like it. I love some of it. It’s a worldwide source of inspiration for me and that’s really cool.

We’re from completely different cultures and backgrounds, but we come together with music. There may be something more to that than I realize. I’ll have to percolate for a while in it.


One comment

  1. Matt · September 28, 2011

    That’s what I love about Soundcloud, it brings people together from all over the place with one common interest and bridges boundaries between many cultures. Also you can hear some damn funky stuff on there that you’d never have dreamed of searching for! =D

    -Matthew Farrington

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