Duh, Mark.

Something brilliant occurred to me today. While I was doing the work part of my music, and researching and networking I came across a link and had a complete a-ha moment. It’s so simple, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without realizing it. I have been feverishly networking among peers in my field, and joining groups of composers and musicians to see the competition and learn from them and even to build my audience. When really, to get work I should be looking for and networking with groups that are tangent to my field. Composers don’t need other composers, but game developers do, as do marketing firms and product designers.

It seems to simple; go to the people who need you.

I’ve been networking the wrong people all along. Honestly, that’s a little harsh. Building an audience is never a bad idea and not likely to hurt in any way. But I really need to focus on networking with people who don’t already create the things that I create. I need to find those who have a void that I can fill. So, today I started looking for game developers and found a great many. I will continue in this direction until I realize something else that should be obvious.


One comment

  1. Sakari D. · September 11, 2011

    So true. I’ve been working really hard lately to improve my networking skills, especially with other composers, but I do need to remember to have that balance of finding people who can actually use my skills.


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