So, I’ve recently been discussing the benefits of my own dot com. I’m sold on the idea. I think it would really benefit my career, its advancement, and the appearance of legitimacy.

I fully understand that these things take time and am slightly less than content to wait. I have a great support system that’s willing to help me along the way, which helps greatly with my patience. But I really like to jump right in to projects, once I have them in my brains. This is what I attribute to inspiration. I have talked about my feelings and thoughts on inspiration before, but that urge I get, when I first get excited about a project is, to me, the very epitome of it. Those few days or hours where I can’t imagine NOT working on a project. So, I sat down and tried to come up with company names and URLs.

The company name for my compositions will be Evocative Dissonance, thanks to the lovely Olivia Gonzalez.

I’m tossing around a few ideas for a URL on my FB, so vote on which one you like best. Sadly, is not one of the choices. Yes it’s available, but I believe in keeping URL easy to spell and simple to remember.

Here’s something to listen to while you decide.


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  1. Mark Gonzalez · September 9, 2011 is coming soon.

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