“Oh that’s easy…”

When you do something well, people might think that it comes easy to you. I use you generally here, to mean anyone. What do you do well? Play the guitar or video games? Maybe you cook as well as a 5 star chef, or act, have great penmanship, drive, play basketball, gossip? Whatever it is, there is something that you take pride in doing well. Everyone has this in thier life. It may be a huge thing that millions of people will appreciate, or it may be something small that only a few or one person truly understands. The scale is not important.

What is important is that this thing is a large part of your life. People can try to fool themselves into thinking that it “comes naturally” or any number of self-defeating attitudes. You know what comes naturally? Breathing, having a heart-beat and myriad other bodiy functions. But everything else is a skill. A practiced and perfected skill. It took countless hours of work to become good enough at something that you can tkae pride in it.

Guitar players practice playing. Cooks preactice cooking. Artist practice sculpting or sketching or illustrating. And I practice composing. It’s easy to take some things for granted when you are exceptional at something. It’s easy for others to forget or not even realize the effort that went into perfecting that skill. And it is ultimately easy to forget that it is still work. We love the work, or we wouldn’t be good at it. But it is still work. It still takes time. And it will always consume our time and energy.

There are days when I will sit down to compose for an hour and remain in that some position for half a day or longer. I sit there because I love to compose. To me, there is no greater joy, no more pleasurable experience than creating something. It is a pure a love as I have ever known. What else, other than love, could take me away so easily and keep me away for so long? I mean besides chores.

It’s not easy, but I don’t remember anyone ever saying that love is.

Just because I love it does not make it easy. It does not make it fast or any other insult that you want to label it. It is still work and I will always love and take pride in it. Can you say the same about yours?


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