Robot Unicorn Attack

So I heard about this flash game today. I wanted to be mad. I wanted to say, These people are ruining the future of gaming. Who scores your game with ERASURE’S worst song?! But I couldn’t. It’s hysterical and mostly it’s fun. Yeah, I said it. Remember when games were fun?

I remember playing Super Mario Brothers, with it’s 8-bit graphic and very digital audio, for hours on end. Because it was a fun game to play. Nowadays, many games are so focused on graphics or voice acting or niche marketing that they forget to make the games fun. This certainly isn’t the case for every game, (I’m a certified Final Fantasy addict and will buy every game until the day I die) but how many times have you shelled out $50 or more for a game that left you with a serious case of buyer’s remorse?

It doesn’t take millions of dollars to make something that people will enjoy to play. I remember an independent company run by two brothers. This company, Cyan, not too long ago, on a shoestring budget, and with a tiny stuff, they did nearly everything themselves, made a game called Myst. Myst would later become the best selling video game series on the planet. Why? It didn’t have the best graphics. The plot line was nearly non-existent. And if you knew the secret, you could jump to the end in about 5 minutes. But it was so much fun to explore. The worlds they created, the interface, the atmosphere were all amazing. These two guys, practically shunned everything that the industry was heading toward at the time. And the revolutionized it. Gaming would not be what it is without Cyan and Myst.

In a way, Robot Unicorn Attack and other simple flash games like Cat-a-pult are an eff you to the industry just as Myst was when it came out. It would be nice to see one of these games remind the industry that they are making games, not movies or ways of life, but a simple escape from the responsibilities of life.

And hopefully with a kick-ass soundtrack, courtesy of me.


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