Exciting Updates

August 1st will not be an important day. Alas. It’s been postponed until August 30 for now. We’ll see how that pans out. I’m still pretty excited anyway.

More stuff just hit me, too. I’am really stoked. Another video game and an actual paying gig. WOOHOO.

The game is pushing my music in a direction I haven’t explored much, but have always wanted a reason to try. I like it. The game is a Myst-type puzzle game. So the music is dark and ambient mostly. My music tends to be very melodic, so it’s interesting. I’m loving what I’m writing. The game is a sprint-to-the-let’s-get-this-finished-in-a-month project, which is another very welcome aspect. Since I’m on the ground floor on the games I’ve worked on so far, the process is a long one. Sure, it gives me plenty of time, but it also means that I have to wait for the finished product. This game should be ready before Halloween! And that’s really cool.

The paying gig is jingle for an Arizona based nationwide company. It will put my music in front of millions of captive people every weekend. The exposure alone is worth it, but the paycheck is a definite added bonus. Imagine going somewhere and POOF! “That’s my song!” It’s going to be amazing.

It seems that doors are opening; and it feels incredible.


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