I bought a new computer! This is very exciting. Now I can load my largest scores without risk of Sibelius crashing, which is a pretty big deal. I never lost much work, but still, losing any work can be devastating. So I upgraded to a desktop with an extra CPU and 4x the RAM. I’m still transferring everything over to the new computer, and there are some quirks that I’ll have to figure out, but all in all I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

In other news, my copyright was approved! EWWAA is officially copyrighted and recorded with the US copyright office. This is big news, and in celebration, I will be posting the second act later this month along with newly remastered tracks!

And as for other projects… Print Moe’s Mint Books has officially been changed to Love in a Vacuum and is going well. I have more collaborators and up to 5/6 songs at last count. Unmitigated disaster is moving along nicely. I have about 30% of the music done and have recruited another collaborator for this project as well.


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