Scoring a Podcast Theme

I take many different approaches to writing music. I typically use the method that is going to be the most efficient way to deliver the product that my client wants, needs, and is happy with. Sometimes that means a Skype call, and other times it’s 5-10 emails a day. I tend to over communicate and keep the client in the process the entire time. I like to know that we are on the right path and moving toward a mutually successful track. We both win.

That being said, I’ve never really had an experience like I had last night. My brother, J.Gonzo, is a multi-talented artist who has is branching out to the podcast realm. He’s putting together an editorial / review type show and he needs some theme music. We’ve been trying to connect for weeks and last night we finally had time to do it.

Here I amPushing the Notes Around


He grabbed one of my guitars and started working on licks and basslines to feed me. I transposed his ideas into the 5/4 time signature that he wanted and we were off. Over the next few hours we cranked out a 20ish second draft of his theme. His ideas and direction, both in real-time, helped me to forge a piece of music that I doubt I would have been able to do otherwise. It’s still me, musically, but it’s also not me. Still in the very early stages of composition and production, I’m sure this track is going to be one of my favorites when it’s done. It’s jazz, driving, fun and serious.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. And as soon as I get the ok, I’ll share the song, too!

Thanks for reading.


Mixing an old track

This month I’ve been working on an old project of mine. I dusted it off after stumbling upon it the other day. The mix was pretty terrible, and I know with my current skill level, that I can easily improve it. 

So I fired up Digital Performer, and got to work. It’s slow, tedious work. And I’m not nearly done, but already it’s light years beyond where it was. It’s not ready to share yet; there’s much more left to do…

What I love about this process, is that after only a short time, I’ve been about add yet another element to my music and creativity. These levels upon levels exponentially increase the quality often work. I have a long way to go, and I doubt I’ll ever get “there”, but this journey is amazing. 

Thanks for reading. 

Just keep swimming…

Oh Dory, you have my heart. Your commitment to the courage to always move forward is legendary. Setbacks and danger were not obstacles so much as inconveniences, or even just another thing that happened that day. 

I’m not being chased by animals that are trying to eat me, but I understand the fear and disappointment you feel. The ups and downs of my music affect me every day. Some days all I can think is to give up and join the masses of zombies being told what to do and when to do it. My monsters are out there, and the death of my dream is very real. As long as I keep going, though, I’ll be ok. 

Every step forward counts. Drawbacks and disappointments will happen, but I’ll keep taking that next step. I’m extremely fortunate to have the vision and the drive to make it happen. I can see the success; I’m just not there quite yet. 

My wonderful wife and family share this vision. Words can’t describe how immeasurably reassuring that is. We are a team, moving forward one step at a time. 

Today, tomorrow and everyday for the rest of my life, I will just keep swimming. 

Grades are in!

I finished my first 2 classes at Berklee School of Music. The classes, instruction, materials, information provided and my classmates were all top notch. I’m very happy with the experience and I’m extremely excited to dive in to my degree in earnest. This is going to be a great ride. 

I did well in both classes, too! Bonus. 

  • Developing Your Artisty : A
  • Film Scoring 101 : A-

I’m going to count on this momentum to continue. 

Moving Forward

I’m using what I learned in class. Novel concert, I know. But, I’m moving toward the goal once again. I’m collaborating, networking and doing everything I can to get a little bit more, a little closer to that dream. 

I can taste it again. Let’s do this. 

A New Song

I say things like, “I haven’t written anything in forever”. But I don’t really mean it. What I really mean is that I haven’t sat down at the computer, turned on Sibelius and composed a song from beginning to end. What I’m not saying is that I’ve been practicing guitar and piano and tinkering around with melodies on both. And while I have nothing that I would feel comfortable sharing, I have in fact added a few tunes to my library.

On the other hand, I have actually written a short song in the aforementioned requisite format for me to consider it “writing a song”. It’s a short track that I wrote while showing off for someone. She was appropriately mystified at my gift of music. Truth be told, I was too. It was composed without editing or correction of any type, save 2 measures. There is something about writing a song out like this that creates an unearned yet undeniably strong attachment.

Melancholy in C Minor